Joshua Kipp plays farewell tribute to the infamous red Jeep that was stuck on the beach during Hurricane Dorian. (WPDE)

by ANJALI PATEL | WPDE StaffSaturday, September 28th 2019

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WPDE) — The infamous red Jeep that was stuck on the beach during Hurricane Dorian continues its tour for a good cause.

On Saturday, the Jeep was featured at Tomlinsons in North Myrtle Beach. Shoppers and drivers stopped to ogle the car that captured national attention.

The Jeep became an internet sensation during Hurricane Dorian and so did Joshua Kipp. The longtime bagpipe musician went viral after he played on top of the Jeep in the middle of the hurricane. He said ever since then, his life has been a “whirlwind.”

On Saturday, Kipp came to play a farewell song to the Jeep at Tomlinsons and to help the owners of the Jeep raise money for those who were devastated by Dorian.

“I think it’s great what he’s doing, raising money for the Bahamas, and if I can do that by just coming out here and doing what I love doing, then I will gladly do it,” Kipp said.

The owners of the Jeep, Brittany and Nick Feliciano, say that until next hurricane season, their Jeep will travel to local businesses and special events to raise money for Hurricane Dorian victims in the Bahamas.

The Felicianos are looking for local businesses to partner with to host the Jeep and raise money for their GoFundMe for the hurricane victims. Their GoFundMe page has currently raised over $2,000. If you are interested in hosting the Jeep, you can contact them through their Facebook page.

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